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Characteristics of Bengal Cats

Updated: Mar 6

It took us a little while to work out that Solly is a Bengal cat. As a rescue cat (he rescued himself into a warm spot in our barn), we didn’t know much about the breed and temperament of his breed. This is what we have learned so far about Solly and the Bengal Cats.

Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are a beautiful domestic cat breed that has been named the UK’s most popular feline in 2022. We can see why! They have a friendly and loving personality and are very loyal to the ones they love. They are full of energy and are highly playful. Solly is definitely your typical bengal as he is all these and more.

Cat Characteristics

So if you are considering a bengal cat of your own let us tell you a few more details of what to expect.

Bengal cat colours and coat patterns

Bengals cats have beautiful coats that mimic the big cats of the wild. Coat patterns are either spotted and marble and can be found in 3 main colours, brown, silver and snow.

The most popular cost being brown, spotted that was recognised for Championship status by the International Cat association (TICA) in 1991.

What is the length of their coat?

Bengals are short haired. Their luxurious and thick short coat is known to have minimal shedding compared to other breeds which is popular with cat allergy sufferers.

Bengal cats weight

An adult bengal cat will weigh on average between 8 - 15 pounds. Males do generally weigh slightly more than females. Due to their muscular appearance they may appear larger than most domestic breeds. They are still classed as medium in size.

Bengal Cat Weight Chart

Age Average Weight

3 weeks 10 - 18 oz

5 weeks 1 - 2 lbs

3 months 2 - 5 lbs

5 months 5 - 10 lbs

Adult 10 - 15 lbs

Bengal cat personality

Bengal cats can be described as smart, affectionate, energetic, and playful.

They have great memories and are very observant so if you are trying to keep something from your cat there is a good chance they have already seen it and know exactly what you are doing.

They are known for being great climbers and hunters, so expect plenty of ‘presents’ to be brought to your door in the shape of mice, birds and even the odd squirrel. Bengals also like water, unlike other cats, so if you have a pond or an aquarium make sure they are covered. If not, your fish may end up as a quick cat snack.

As they are high energy they can be a bit of a handful sometimes as they require lots of attention. Plenty of stimulation from their surroundings is a must. Interactive toys are essential with a bengal to ensure they don't get bored and start being destructive. Indoor climbing trees are a good option as it allows them to jump and get up high.

One good thing about bengal cats is they are trainable. Spending time with your cat to train them is a perfect way to offer some mental stimulation. These clever cats can learn basic commands such as sit, lie down and can even give you a high five. A pretty cool party trick once you have mastered it.

Bengal cat care

There are no extras needed when caring for a Bengal cat but keeping a regular care routine will help keep your cat happy and healthy. Here are 4 essential things to keep in mind:

Grooming - Groom once a week to lessen the chances of hairballs.

Nail Trimming - Bengal cat claws grow quickly so plan to trim nails every 2 weeks.

Litter Tray - Change daily to stop any unwanted messes elsewhere in the house.

High Protein Cat Food - A high protein diet will give your bengal cat all the nutrients it needs to stay active and healthy. There are a variety of Bengal specific foods available on the market such as Royal Canin Bengal.

Bengal cat lifespan

Bengal cats, if happy and healthy, can usually live between 12 - 16 years. Unlike many breeds they don’t have any inherited health defects they are prone to so there are many cases of Bengal cats reaching 20 years old. That's 97 in human years!

The oldest reported Bengal cat was Nutmeg from Blaydon in Tyne and Wear, UK who lived until the ripe age of 32 years. This is very rare for domestic cats with the top age for most cats being 20.

With all this in mind I think you will agree that Bengal cats are a pretty amazing breed and are a perfect addition to any family!

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